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Wood Shingle Siding Project

We restored the wood shingle siding at a home. It was a lot of detailed work but you can see the beautiful end result. The difference between the before and after is just night and day.

Wood Shingle Siding

Fancy Shed with Faux Slate and Copper Trim

This shed’s roof had seen better days. After years of enduring summers and winters, it needed attention.

In its initial condition, water would leak through and damage the rest of the structure.

In one day we added faux slate shingles and a copper trim which protects the roof and looks great.

This shed is now ready for many more years of battle with the elements.

Shed Roof before and after

Gazebo Copper Panel Roof

Our customer needed an attached gazebo and new flooring!

Our team went in there and added a copper panel roof to it for a more unique and aesthetic look.

Look at the final result!

Copper Panel Roof

Concrete Chimney Crown

This Chimney had a cracked concrete chimney crown.

Also, the rainwater ran down the brick which added to the deterioration of the masonry.

We installed a diverter edge metal around the perimeter and sealed the cracked crown with Crown Coat.

This will help prevent future masonry deterioration.

Chimney Crown

Lead Flashing

A customer asked about the chew holes on top of the lead flashing. We explained they were caused by chipmunks or squirrels sharpening their teeth on the lead.

This, unfortunately, results in holes that allow water into the house.

We sealed the top to make it watertight and to prevent squirrels from chewing on it.

Lead Flashing Repair

Sealed Chimney Crown

It’s important that you have your chimney crown sealed. It prevents water infiltration that leads to Masonry deterioration.

Chimney Crown

Clean Furnace Burners

Is your furnace maintenance specialist taking the time to clean your burners to ensure safe and efficient operation?

If not, consider using LR Gregory

Furnace Burner Cleaning
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