Frequently Asked Questions

Interested in our services? Get answers to the most common questions related to our business and services. If you have more questions, please do not hesitate to reach out. Happy to help!

A. Yes, LR Gregory and Son is fully licensed and insured. Our company is covered by the well-known Pekin insurance company.

A. We are a trusted provider of Chicago’s North Shore communities and beyond. Our services are offered in multiple areas across northern Illinois including Lake and northern Cook Counties. You can find a complete list of the areas we serve on our homepage.

A. Yes, LR Gregory and Son provides a 24/7 emergency service. Call (847) 234-7663 to get immediate assistance for all types of projects from our certified technicians.

A. If your HVAC is making noises, it is probable that the blower motors are failing and may begin grinding. If this type of problem is happening to you, it is best to call professionals to complete an inspection of your HVAC unit.

A. The reason behind your AC system freezing up is either your air filters are clogged or leaking Freon may freeze your compressor or copper Freon lines.

A. One of the main benefits we offer is that we service all brands. During the installation process, we prefer to work with brands that give the least amount of service problems such as Rheem or American Standard units.

A. If your pipe bursts, there are two things you need to do almost immediately. First, turn off the water supply at the main valve. Second, call professionals like us to fix the problem.

A. The main signs to change your roof: worn off granules, curling or cracking shingles, rotted cedar at the butt ends, and severe curling and exposed felt paper. See any of these signs, it is an indicator that it has deteriorated and needs replacing.

A. The best season to get your roof inspected is Fall. During the inspection, our company can clean off your roof and gutters. When doing this, we can also evaluate the condition of your roof and flashings.

A. An inspection must be done to determine if your roof needs to be repaired or should be replaced entirely. If your roofing material is15 years or older, inspections should be done every two years.

A. Furnace air filters should be changed at least twice per year. Indoor air quality ( IAQ ) is crucial to your family’s health. Concerns with asthma or allergies can be controlled with new ionization technologies.


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